SWV Greatest Hit Songs Dj Mixtape (Best of SWV)

Mixtape Title: Best SWV Dj Mix
Type: Contemporary R&B
Tags: swv best of swv songs, slow jams mix 90’s, swv greatest hits,
Description: Enjoy 1990s R&B by American R&B group. Namely, Cheryl Gamble, Tamara Johnson and Leanne Lyons

  • SWV All Night Long
  • SWV Right Here
  • SWV Use Your Heart
  • SWV Can We
  • SWV Lose Myself
  • SWV Anything
  • SWV That’s What I Need
  • SWV Weak
  • SWV Human Nature
  • SWV Fine Time
  • SWV You’re the One
  • SWV When This Feeling
  • SWV Come and Get Some
  • SWV When U Cry
  • SWV Someone
  • SWV Love Unconditionally
  • SWV It’s All About U
  • SWV If Only You Knew
  • SWV Here for You
  • SWV Love Is So Amazin’
  • SWV I’m So Into You
  • SWV You’re Always on My Mind
  • SWV Co-Sign
  • SWV Downtown
  • SWV Tell Me How You Want It
  • SWV Ain’t No Man
  • SWV Rain
  • SWV Lose My Cool
  • SWV Karaoke: Weak
  • SWV You Are My Love

Download Best of SWV Greatest Hit Slow Jamz 90’s Songs Dj Mixtape Below

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