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Dirtsman – Best of 80’s & 90’s Mix Greatest Hits Music DJ Mix Mixtape

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Best Of Dirtsman - Best of 80's & 90's Mix Songs DJ Mix Mixtape
Dirtsman was a Jamaican dancehall deejay who rose to fame in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He was known for his distinctive voice, witty lyrics and energetic stage presence. He recorded several hit songs, such as “Hot This Year”, “Bubble and Wine” and “Rough This Year”. He was also a member of the Super Power sound system, alongside his brother Papa San. Dirtsman died tragically in 1993, when gunmen shot him at his home in Spanish Town. He is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of the dancehall genre and influenced many artists who followed him.

Dirtsman – Best of 80’s & 90’s Mix Music Songs Mp3

  • Dirtsman – Hot This Year
  • Dirtsman – Nah Put It Down
  • Dirtsman – Bubble & Wine
  • Dirtsman – Mi Gun Nah Stick
  • Dirtsman – June Fish
  • Dirtsman – Me a Nuh Bad Boy
  • Dirtsman – Why Threat
  • Dirtsman – Roughest
  • Dirtsman – Scrammie
  • Dirtsman – Survival Time
  • Dirtsman – Lyrics Cadet
  • Dirtsman – Kukukumkum
  • Dirtsman – Nah Sell It
  • Dirtsman – Rough This Year
  • Dirtsman – Dance Fever
  • Dirtsman – Fever
  • Dirtsman – Kunina
  • Dirtsman – Peeping Tom
  • Dirtsman – Trailer Load Come
  • Dirtsman – Impeccable
  • Dirtsman – Road Runner

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