Best Of Sasha Sloan Songs DJ Mix Mixtape

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Sasha Sloan Greatest Hits Music DJ Mix Mixtape

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Year 2024 DJ Mix || Pop

Best Of Sasha Sloan Songs DJ Mix Mixtape

Sasha Alex Sloan, born Alexandra Artourovna Yatchenko, is a well-known American singer and songwriter currently based in Los Angeles. She grew up in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, and learned to play the piano independently. Sasha played the piano that her mother had bought for her when she was five. She has collaborated with artists such as King Henry and Kygo. Sasha was featured in Kaskade’s song “Phoenix” in 2015 and was also credited with authorship. She began her musical career by creating songs for musicians including Idina Menzel, Maggie Lindemann, and Camila Cabello. Sasha was recently featured in Kygo’s song “This Town,” which she co-wrote.

Sasha Sloan Music Songs Mp3

1. Sasha Sloan – Dancing With Your Ghost
2. Sasha Sloan – Older
3. Sasha Sloan – I’ll Wait
4. Sasha Sloan – Too Sad To Cry
5. Sasha Sloan – Smiling When I Die
6. Sasha Sloan – The Only
7. Sasha Sloan – Thank God
8. Sasha Sloan – Faking It
9. Sasha Sloan – Thoughts
10. Sasha Sloan – Normal
11. Sasha Sloan – Ready Yet
12. Sasha Sloan – Keep On
13. Sasha Sloan – Runaway
14. Sasha Sloan – Version Of Me
15. Sasha Sloan – At Least I Look Cool
16. Sasha Sloan – This Town
17. Sasha Sloan – Psychopath
18. Sasha Sloan – Fall

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