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Best Of Kassav’ Songs DJ Mix Mixtape

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Kassav’ Greatest Hits Music DJ Mix Mixtape

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French Pop || Salsa || Fusion Jazz

Best Of Kassav' Songs DJ Mix Mixtape
They are a French Caribbean band that plays zouk music. They are very popular and have been around since 1979. I love their songs, especially Wep and Ké sa lévé. They make me want to dance and have fun. Have you ever seen them live? They are amazing on stage. Kassav’ is one of my favorite bands ever.

Kassav’ Music Songs Mp3

1. Kassav’ – Zouk La Se Sel Medikaman Nou Ni
2. Kassav’ – Mwen Di Ou Awa
3. Kassav’ – Soulaje Yo
4. Kassav’ – Rete
5. Kassav’ – Pa Bison Pale
6. Kassav’ – Se Pa Djen Djen
7. Kassav’ – Bel Kreati
8. Kassav’ – Se Ou Mwen Inme
9. Kassav’ – Siwo
10. Kassav’ – Chire
11. Kassav’ – Mwen Malad Aw
12. Kassav’ – Medley 89 Zouk
13. Kassav’ – Kole Sere
14. Kassav’ – Medley 89 Zouk Love
15. Kassav’ – Balade Kreyol
16. Kassav’ – Medley Live
17. Kassav’ – Kaye Manman

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